Sunday, April 5, 2009

Healthy cake?

I'm not sure if I would go that far, but maybe healthier than most? I was asked to make a cake without refined sugar (gasp!) and I was up for the challenge. I have
heard Splenda does not yield great results, so I tried agave nectar instead. Agave is not low calorie, but it is low on the glycemic index. It is a bit sweeter than sugar, but does not have any unappealing chemically aftertaste. So...I took my favorite chocolate cake recipe and replaced the sugar with about 2/3 the amount agave nectar and reduced the liquid by a 1/4 cup. Tah-dah! I was truly surprised at how well it turned out. For filling & frosting, I made a simple ganache with a 72% chocolate, so it was fairly low on the sugar side as well. A very successful experiment!

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