Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fig Brûlée

This picture isn't very inspired, but this little treat I made today was so delicious and simple that I had to share it immediately!

Fig brûlée:
Cut fig in half length wise
Sprinkle with granulated sugar
Using a kitchen torch or in the broiler, melt the sugar on fig until it bubbles and caramelizes (take care to not burn yourself with the hot sugar!)
Top with a dollop of frozen yogurt (I made frozen Greek yogurt) or vanilla bean ice cream

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Customer photos: a party for baby Amelia

I recently made cupcakes for a baby shower and when I received the photos from the party, I was blown away with the cuteness of it all. It was a large co-ed shower and I think they did such a great job with creating intimate spaces in a park setting. Activities included writing affirmations for the new baby, face painting for the kiddos as well as eating cupcakes, of course! After a fun cupcake tasting, the couple picked 4 flavors: salted caramel, chocolate chocolate, strawberry lemonade, and raspberry vanilla. The cute party paper goods were created by Olivia Grace Studio.
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