Wednesday, December 16, 2009


What else can I add my fabulous peppermint extract to? Chocolate peppermint whoopie pies! I found the recipe here which I believe is from this American Test Kitchen cookbook. The recipe yields 6 giant pies, but I needed something smaller to bring to a couple of parties. I doubled the recipe and ended up with about 60 silver dollar sized pies. I tried a pastry bag to pipe out the batter to keep a uniform size and it worked great. Once the cakes were baked, I didn't want to fill them all at once, so I made the filling recipe twice adding a few drops of peppermint deliciousness. I thought the candy cane would be a nice addition to the sides, but I ended up skipping it for 2 reasons - I didn't like the texture with the cake and it was just sort of annoying trying to get it to stick uniformly. Yum!! A new holiday favorite!

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